ISLAMABAD (APP) - The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) aims to provide emergency food assistance to an average of 6 million people each month through to the end of January 2011 while transitioning towards early recovery activities in Pakistan - such as food for work and cash for work programmes to restore livelihoods and rehabilitate damaged land and infrastructure, a news release said. The Deputy Executive Director of the WFP Amir Abdulla has thanked Abdul Aziz Bin Ibrahim bin Salih Al-Ghadeer, Ambassador at the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, for a US$24 million donation from the Saudi Fund for Development to the people of Pakistan. WFP used the generous donation from July to purchase 36,500 metric tons of food aid to assist families in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa displaced by conflict and affected by the recent floods. An estimated 10,000 metric tons of life-saving foods - enough to feed 700,000 people for a month have so far been distributed, and the distributions will continue until December this year. The donation from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will provide food assistance to hungry people affected by conflict and the floods. Food is a fundamental building block for people attempting to rebuild their lives during a crisis, said Mr Abdulla. During the meeting, Ambassador Abdul Aziz Bin Ibrahim bin Salih Al-Ghadeer expressed his concern about the long-term recovery of Pakistan, particularly in the agricultural sector. We are encouraged that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is so determined to stand by the people of Pakistan during this difficult time and assist with rebuilding, said Mr Abdulla.