KABUL (AFP) - An Afghan woman MP was in a critical condition Sunday, her doctor said, after entering the eighth day of a hunger strike to protest against her expulsion from parliament over alleged vote fraud. Semin Barakzai, one of nine MPs expelled from the national assembly over vote rigging claims, has refused to eat until she is reinstated. Her persistence comes one day after dozens of lawmakers returned to the lower house of parliament, following an initial boycott over the disqualifications. "The law has been violated. Justice has been undermined and I won't end this (hunger strike) until justice is done and the law restored," she told AFP, lying in a protest tent outside parliament and barely able to speak. A doctor assigned to monitor Barakzai told AFP she was entering a critical condition after eight days without food. "She's not doing well. She already had stomach problems and I'm afraid this is dangerous for her," Doctor M Fardin said.