PAKISTAN being under severe bullying from the US, and now NATO understood to have undergone a tremendous political exercise for manoeuvring support to its military-led policy to reinforce and reinvigorate its stance to coup up with any future-threats, yet Pakistan still remains under drone strike. An endurance has reached to its rim where the forces of Pakistan find them in a state of confidence and emitting signals to the global community in general and the US and her allies in particular that the consequences could be a total restocking of foreign policy which otherwise remained dependent over US military and civil aid. With over $19 billion US military and economic aid in against Taliban-related operation, the forthcoming agenda with the United States would certainly force the government of Pakistan to have more operations against militants and Taliban controlling their activities across Pakistan, highly placed sources confided. A review of the balance sheet of overall US funds related to Pentagon, State Department and other heads of accounts where the regular, supplemental appropriations and coalition support funds from the Pentagon budgets are the issues show that the US meant business and the government of Pakistan has no option to either defer the receivable funds or act swiftly per force the US dictates, as already around $19.595 billion have been provided other than $3.3 billion in the current calendar year would be reimbursed to Pakistan, the sources said. The developments subsequently have resulted in a tussle between Pentagon led by hawkish Mullen uttering words against Pakistans armed forces, which during past six decades enjoyed the best of cooperation and mutual regional interests contrary to the present-day scenario where the GHQ and Pentagon have gone far ahead and a cold war has erupted between the two giant organisastions. The funding and future economic and military aid could be seen in the background of the pressure being mounted on military and political establishment, which otherwise failed through the so-called APC having no concrete strategy for future course of action. The political government in Islamabad having very tough time from the opposition facing gross corruption charges, pressure on the Supreme Court through political dilly-dallying and FIA being used as political tool against the internationally acknowledged Transparency International which has now very close understanding and working equation with the US Aid. Present day scenario could be seen in the backdrop of a series of high level dignitaries from Washington travelling to Islamabad, forcing the government and defence authorities to follow the dictates or face the attacks. This was what one could see the resistance from armed forces and not by the political government of PPP whose chief kept mum as one could recall the PPP-US deal which produced Asif Ali Zardari as the chief supporter to the US in Afghanaistan and Pakistan for implementing the guidelines for their clandestine agenda. These along with some other disputed areas of interests have forced the Obama administration to send no less than a person but the Vice President Josef Biden to Islamabad for serious negotiation on future line of action on the frontiers of Afghanistan seeking swift activity against extremists and Taliban reportedly operating from North Waziristan. According to the financials, though counter-narcotics funds are much less and also the global health and child survival funds are there in 2010, yet the coalition support funds under the Pentagon budget alone are over $8.881 billion while Foreign Military Financing head and provision with disbursements are different from this particular portfolio. Given a long history of US economic and military assistance to Pakistan, dependence has resulted to a near-bankrupt Pakistan where there is no economic model in place and revenue mobilisation taking place through taxes, levies and lavish style of governance by PPP led coalition. With the basics in agriculture produce, and international price mechanism provided a big jump to foreign exchange earning to Pakistan, there are strong economic areas which remained untapped due to poor economic management and lacking prudent governance. Though the Musharraf regime had the funding inflow from the US to the tune of around $7-8 billion, yet the current government has been more close to the US with sizeable funding of around $2 billion per annum in security related matters and around $8 billion in economic related aid and assistance but the socio-economic impact on an ordinary citizen could not be found visible in place. The amount of over $19.5 billion so far provided to Pakistan is other than the World Bank and International Monetary Funds lending or the financial assistance at low rate of interest from the Asian Development Bank. Thus Pakistan having very big inflow of foreign funds in terms of aid and assistance from Washington in particular, besides the foreign debt on concessional rates has had sizeable flow, however could not revive the economy of Pakistan, a failure which causes extreme problems to the US government. The poor economy and rising cost of living have added to political unrest and instability, another factor stressing high the US law makers and the Obama Administration. Pakistan has been very close in terms of US funding for military purpose and also providing relief through economic assistance, the question remains in place there as whether the US has been found satisfied over the performance of Zardari-Gilani government which faces critical charges of corruption, financial scams and gross irregularities in many a ministry and provincial departments of the government. The Obama Administration is understood to had worked out its Pakistan Special programme where in the current calendar year the aid would be around $3,200 million for Pakistan alone. This is money being provided from the tax payers of the United States. The intervention by the US ambassador asking about the ISIs role, money matter and its transparent handling has also been discussed by the government functionaries yet they do not have any other option but to obey the instructions, execute the plan for swift action against Haqqanis, restoring peace and order, human rights, doing away with the exemptions to riches and higher income groups through different tax provisions, rationalising the petroleum and energy prices, doing away with the subsidies and concessions and also reviewing the existing law on blasphemy. The agenda from the US has its own merits in the US interest for war against terror at any cost be there any strikes against Pakistani soil. The resistance put foth by Pakistan forces has, though provisionally halted the proposition, however one could base the future course of action depending upon the US plan and not in Pakistans interests. The balance sheet prepared by the US aid based on the funding from the Pentagon and State Department budgets are source of worry to the US, having economic pressures from within and would certainly exert more stress on Islamabad for having expeditious plans to eliminate extremists, militants and Taliban, the sources said. Pakistani civilian establishment in talks to the US officials would have its affirmative tone to the US agenda and likely divert the cannons to the GHQ, the sources apprehend as the fundamental to the present set up in Islamabad is a Washington prescription with so-called democratic stamping and not as per the needs and aspiration of Pakistani people.