1.The news of an accident at Kalar Kahar on 26 Sep 2011 where about 45 precious lives were lost was received with great pain and agony. Most of the victims were young students aged between 16-20 years, whose deaths have left deep scars of grief on all and sundry. Some points which merit attention are:- a. Fitness of the bus: It is learnt the bus had a fake fitness certificate. These certificates can be obtained by greasing the palms of the staff of vehicle fitness department. The certificate needs a thorough check and scrutiny. b. Fitness of the driver: Was the driver trained to negotiate sharp turning like the one found at Kalar Kahar? Did he possess a genuine driving license? Was he fatigued while driving? c. Overloading: Why the bus was allowed to commute on Motorway having 50 extra passengers then the capacity? Why did the Millat Grammar School staff insist to allow the overloaded bus to travel on the Motorway? Was safety of the children not prime responsibility entrusted to them by the parents of the Children? d. Motorway Police: This force was created by selecting the cream from Police of all four provinces. They are well paid with latest vehicles and communications. Why did the Motorway Police not stop the ill-fated bus to travel on the Motorway? The Motorway Police staff are found to be stubborn on minor violations of traffic rules. Why did they fail to check the fitness certificate of the vehicle and the overloading of the bus? Are these not callous omissions on the part of Motorway Police which need to addressed? It is hoped that exemplary punishments are handed down to the offenders less for their criminal act and the Government must announce immediate compensation to the bereaved families who have lost their dear ones. LIEUTENANT COLONEL (RETIRED) IRFAN HAIDER, Karachi, October 7.