KARACHI - Former Sindh Home Minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza on Sunday once again bashed the MQM as well as his own party, while absolving Jamaat-i-Islami of extortion charges. After staying about one week in Dubai and Malaysia, Mirza reached Sunday at Karachi Airport where he announced that he will soon take three 'suitcases of evidences against Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain to London. The workers of ruling PPP and dissolved Lyari Peace Committee had gathered in large number to welcome him at the airport who escorted him to Lyari in a rousing caravan where he addressed the press conference and announced to revive and reactivate the banned Lyari Peace Committee. Flanked with Peace Committee leader Uzair Jan Baloch and other activists, Mirza lashed out at his own party for once again joining hands with MQM, terming the PPP-MQM alliance 'unholy, and announced that he would undertake a movement against this alliance very soon. He said that he seeks pardon from nation for standing by 'thieves for three years. Mirza focused his fire at MQM chief and talked about the alleged corruption of MQM as well as PPP ministers and Sindh governor with 'documentary proofs. He recalled that Benazir Bhutto praised PTI chief Imran Khan for his bold decision to sue the MQM chief in London, but wondered as to why he did not file the case. He recalled that during his tenure as Sindh home minister he had went London with evidences against Altaf Hussain but Pakistani High Commissioner in UK didnt allow him to file a case. Now I will take three suitcases of evidences of wrongdoings of MQM and its chief Altaf Hussain to London to file a case against him, Mirza announced. Without mentioning any name, he said that he was receiving threats, but he will not succumb to pressure as he fears no one but God. Commenting on the verdict of Supreme Court on Karachi unrest, Mirza said the decision has disappointed him, however, he said he respects the decision as he is a 'law-abiding citizen. He appealed the Chief Justice to summon him in the court as he wanted to reveal more facts. Mirza pointed out that government will not send the reference to Supreme Court on the basis of his disclosures, adding, that even if government sent a reference, it would be an assortment prepared by Babar Awan, who he said holds a 'fake degree. Mirza said that Supreme Court by mentioning the Jamaat-e-Islami among the extortionists did injustice to this political party. He said he knows very well that there was no extortionist in Jamat-e-Islami. During his press conference, Mirza also shared documentary 'proofs of alleged corruption of a provincial minister belonging to MQM. He also alleged that many leaders of PPP who were financially poor became millionaires after getting ministries. Mirza also showed the documentary 'proofs of alleged corruption by Sindh Governors ADC, who is a navy officer, and appealed to the Army Chief, Naval Chief and ISI chief to probe into the matter as it was matter of prestige of security institutions. He also appealed to the Army and the judges to take notice of the corruption in the present regime. Mirza however reiterated that he would remain loyal to the PPP as a sincere worker. He said he has started collecting the evidences of ministers in present government and will share the details with the media after every 10 to 15 days. He added that large number of PPP leaders, Senators and MNAs wanted to go with him, but being a part of government they are avoiding announcing it openly. He also criticised Singh Home Minister Manzoor Wassan and alleged that the main reason of differences between AIG police Saud Mirza and the incumbent home minister was that Wassan wanted to post SHOs of his choice. He also criticised Interior Minister Rehman Malik, terming him 'Satan Malik and a liar. Mirza announced to reactivate the Lyari Peace Committee, also known as Peoples Amn Committee, which had been banned by the interior minister. He said that Amn Committee had closed their offices voluntarily on his instruction, but now it will work more actively and effectively. He announced that if he became home minister again he would issue at least 0.5 million arms licenses. He said that the Committee will 'wage war against the MQM workers, who are 'exploiting and looting the citizens of Karachi. The former home minister further said that if the Aman Committees name is associated with any crime without evidence, we will consider that person 'an associate of Altaf Hussain.