THERMOMETER, stethoscope... smartphone? Research from Worcester Polytechnic Institute shows that smartphones could replace anything from heart monitors to microscopes. Researchers proved that simply pressing a patients finger against a Motorola Android smartphones camera, they could harvest data as accurately as the huge and expensive monitors used in hospitals. Other researchers showed off using iPhone as a microscope - and an app that breathalyses you to 'tell you if you are hungry enough for a snack. The WPI researchers found that the smartphones camera could capture not only heart rate, but also rhythm, respiration and blood oxygen level - as accurately as clinical-grade monitors - simply by capturing video of blood pulsing in patients fingers. Agencies Another group of researchers found that simply taping a 'ball lens over an iPhones camera could make it work as a medical microscope - the tiny ground-glass sphere magnifies images so much that you can see individual blood cells. The 'hack isnt as accurate as traditional microscopes - but could be useful for doctors on the move. Agencies