LONDON-Douglas Booth enjoyed the battle scenes with swords in his new film Romeo and Juliet. The British actor stars as Romeo alongside Hailee Steinfeld as Juliet in director Carlo Carlei’s remake of the Shakespeare classic. As part of his role, Douglas had to use the bladed weapon for on-screen brawls with the enemy Capulets. When asked whether he had to train for the physically demanding scenes, the heartthrob star was happy to share his enthusiasm for the traditional form of battle. “Yes, we had to get them right - those swords can really do some damage,” he laughed to British magazine Look. “But it was great fun.

What 21-year-old wouldn’t want to run around sword fighting at the weekend?”

While Douglas enjoyed the more active scenes, he admits the costumes weren’t as pleasant. A lot of the filming took place outside in locations including Rome and Verona and the handsome star admits he and Hailee struggled to keep warm during shooting. He also confessed it was tricky when trying to loosen the outfit to go to the toilet.

“It was freezing cold,” he recalled. “Hailee’s dresses, I mean, they’re not going to keep you warm. I had a bit more padding, which made it harder to go to the toilet, so it was uncomfortable in that sense!”

The role of Romeo has been played by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio in the past. When quizzed on whether he felt fear or excitement towards the part, Douglas confessed although he was scared he welcomed the “challenge”.

“A bit of both. You’re sort of terrified, but I live for challenges and this was something I hadn’t really done before - [although] I played Boy George so I’m not scared of iconic characters!” he mused. “But no, I think it’s definitely more excitement than fear.”