WAZIRABAD-All Pakistan Cutlery Manufacturers and Exporters Association Chairman Zafar Iqbal Bhutta said that the modified tax return forms issued by the Finance Ministry is not acceptable.

“Finance Act 2013 is an anti-business community act. It should be taken back,” he said addressing the APCMEA members on the occasion of an oath-taking ceremony of new office-bearers.

Mr Bhutta stated that the Finance Ministry had issued a new modified tax return form and to understand it, special training was needed. Not to speak of a common taxpayer, even lawyers feel difficulties to understand it, he said. 

“Finance Ministry should take the new return form back to facilitate the business community,” he said adding that the government should understand their problems. “Business Community is the backbone of the country’s economy so they should not be put in puzzle. The Finance Act 2013 was introduced by the government without taking traders, industrialists into confidence so it should be suspended.” He threatened that if this Act is not taken back, the business community would take to the streets. He demanded that the government should establish small industrial estate just to gather all scattered cutlery units at one place which will be equally beneficial for the govt and small enterprises. At present, hundreds of cutlery units are scattered in radius of 30 km and facing energy crisis, he added. The government cannot meet energy requirement of scattered cottage industry of cutlery and kitchenware, he added.