LAHORE  - Aalmi Tanzim Ahle Sunnat chief Pir Afzal Qadri has said that the government should start jihad against Taliban instead of holding talks with them.

Addressing a news conference at the Press Club here, he said there is no justification of negotiating with those people who are waging war against the country. He said that only the patrons of Taliban are pressing the government to initiate dialogue process. He said the government and armed forces should fulfil their constitutional responsibilities as far as security and solidarity of the country is concerned.

He criticised the government’s step of holding APC on the issue of talks with Taliban. He said the government had invited only those parties that are supporting the negotiation process with Taliban, adding that none of the Ahle Sunnat parties were invited.

Qadri said the US has been playing a dangerous game against Pakistan’s solidarity and security. “First, Washington waged war against Al Qaeda in the region, and now it was supporting Al-Qaeda in Syria,” he said. He said Taliban’s model of Islam was totally different to that of real spirit of the religion.

“Taliban are used give capital punishments on minor crimes and have prepared groups of suicide bombers who are ready to give their own lives on the pretext of anti-Shariah policies,” he said. He said the dream of peace could not be materialised without following teachings of Islam.

Qadri demanded the government to implement on death punishments, executing the criminals and terrorists to ensure peace and justice in the country.