Most of the people of Pakistan were in jubilation when PML- N won the elections and their party formed the federal government. Thinking that these are seasoned politicians many trusted them once again forgetting their checkered past and why Nawaz Sharif had been unable to continue his previous tenure. PML-N has greatly disappointed an already miserable nation; nothing has been done to lessen their miseries. They seem incapable of ending the suffering and sorrows which come hand in hand with the quick increase in inflation, lawlessness and energy crisis.

Within a few months this once popular political leadership has become ‘unpopular’. What type of governance and future is ahead for the unfortunate people of Pakistan? No doubt, Pakistan is at an impasse and is navigating through very dangerous waters but the question is what is the leadership planning? What does leadership do in such critical times? Do they act and behave in a manner as our ruling elite are doing? Being a student of law and political science I have never encountered this type of ‘intellectually poor’ leadership in the pages of history as we have now in Pakistan.

Our rulers must keep this in mind that Pakistani society is at a crucial turning point and time is of the essence. Instead of focusing on party gains, now is the time for the ruling elite to take measures that will make the business of governance capable of producing what destitute and deprived people of Pakistan want. However, I appeal to the rulers to pay attention to the poor people of Pakistan by addressing their genuine problems such as deadly inflation, lawlessness, extreme poverty, overpopulation, lack of education etc. and avert the invisible mayhem which may strike anytime and wash us all away!


Islamabad, October 8.