ISLAMABAD - World renowned wrestler M Hussain Inoki has vowed to work for revival of wrestling in Pakistan.

Talking to the journalists here at the National Press Club on Wednesday, Inoki said: “I want to bring peace in the world through sports and I will establish a world class wrestling academy in Lahore.”  He said that he would take 16-year old Haroon, nephew of his former opponent Zubair Jhara, to Japan to give him international standard training. He added that Haroon would not only learn the art of wrestling but would also complete his studies and emerge as a world's top wrestler within next three years.”

The former wrestler said Pakistan was blessed with amount of natural talent in the field of wrestling but due to non-availability of facilities, the talent was being wasted. He maintained that when he turned up in 1976 to wrestle against Akram Pahalwan and then Zubair Jhara, at that time, more than 100,000 people were witnessing the game but now no one was free to watch wrestling.  Talking about the current situation, he said it was his humble request to Taliban to stop fighting and declare ceasefire. “This is the only way to bring peace, brotherhood, love and harmony among the mankind,” Inoki concluded.