PESHAWAR - Federal State Minister for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali has said that neither federal government nor Wapda will bear the expenses of maintenance and repair of Pesco installations damaged in terrorists’ acts and the province concern will have to pay for it, as law and order is responsibility of the provincial government.

“We have no concern with this that a province produce how much cheap electricity, and distribution of electricity among the provinces are carried out as per the Constitution, Sher Ali said while addressing a press conference here at Wapda House Peshawar on Wednesday.   The Minister said that the consumers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have Rs.53 billion arrears. He alleged that 90 per cent electricity pilferage were reported at 70 feeders out of total 22 Pesco feeders whereas 99 percent line losses were carried out at 19 feeders, he added.

Sher Ali said that the Company bears line losses of about Rs1.25 billion ‘if it ensures 6 hours supply to its consumers, and the center will get a price of how much electricity units it provides to province, at any cost. We haven’t any concern with this that which province produces cheap electricity, gas, wheat etc rather to ensure distribution of electricity as per the constitution, he maintained, adding no illegal use of electricity will be bear. The Minister also said that about 4.3 million people will be benefited with the subsidy and concession given to consumers using up to 200 units per month.

He asked the Pesco authorities concerned to take practical steps to discourage illegal use of electricity and ensure collecting arrears. Sher Ali urged upon the field officers to set a schedule from 9 to 11 in their offices daily to address the problems of consumers.  “I give you a month time for collection of arrears, and after that a detailed review would be taken, and the law of reward and punishment will be implemented in later and spirit, Sher Ali warned. Besides, on the occasion Pesco Chief Tariq Sadozai also spoke and informed about the company steps taken during the last few months to curb illegal use of electricity.