ISLAMABAD - Opposition parties including MQM & PTI albeit have plethora of reservations on PPP-P on different matters, yet these political factions have ‘still’ not reached any consensus to move a no-confidence motion against Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly (NA) Syed Khursheed Shah.

Both of these opposition parties (MQM & PPP), which could jointly move a motion, earlier could not build consensus on any of the matters, rather they several times were at daggers drawn over different issues.

Both the parties have expressed reservations on different moves of PPP but have still not ‘jointly’ decided to go for this option, background interviews and discussions with the senior party lawmakers of MQM & PTI have left this impression.

Sources said MQM that is bit annoyed over PPP’s recent moves about the operation in Karachi are tacitly building pressure on PPP and they could play a important role with its 24 lawmakers in NA if move was initiated by PTI.

When contacted, MQM’s senior leader Nasir Jamal denied any move from MQM against Khursheed. “We are not moving and thinking to move any no-trust move against the leader of opposition,” he added.

Having almost the same expression, PTI’s Dr. Shireen Miazari said they were not moving the no-trust move against the leader of opposition.

“Constitutionally there is an option about no-trust move, but PTI has not in a planning to go for it. We don’t know who is circulating these rumors,” said the PTI lawmaker while talking to this scribe.

It is relevant to mention here that when a rumor was generated about no-confidence move against the leader of opposition, Khurshhed had commented that if the PTI and MQM wanted to join hands to remove him, he had no objection.

Shah had said that it was a democratic right of political parties to change the opposition leader asking the PTI and MQM to submit their written requests for his removal.