ISLAMABAD - Pakistani pacer M Sami has believed the current Pakistan side lacks fast bowlers saying its bowling attack relies mostly on spinners.  Sami said all the current bowlers in the current side were simply medium pacers. "Pakistan is known to produce really fast, quick and threatening bowlers but that is not the case at present," he said.

He said that most of the good bowlers in the national team are spinners and the bowling attack relies on them to the extent that if a fast bowlers get one or two wickets it's considered to be a bonus for the team. "During the ten years of my career we relied on the faster bowlers most of the time but the scenario of the bowling unit has changed now," he added.

Speaking of M Irfan and Junaid Khan, Sami said they could work harder and become better. "The more matches you play, the more experience you gain and therefore you can develop your skills further and grow in confidence. It all depends on if a bowler gets more chances.” Talking about his comeback, he said people were making their debut for Pakistan at the age of 30-32 these days. "I am also 32 years old and I have the experience and fit enough to play.” Sami said that he was fit to play in all the three formats. "My suitability for a particular format also depends on how I am used in a game situation. The fact is that I have extra pace which the current Pakistani bowlers don't have," he added.