Hundreds of electricity consumers strongly protested against alleged highhandedness of Gepco officials and inflated power bills issued just one day before the due date.

This month, Gepco has fixed October 09, 2013 as due date for the payment of these bills. They mentioned that Gepco Daska officials had issued inflated bills to the consumers in the last as well. The consumers including Muhammad Iqbal, Khalid Mehmood , Abid Hussain, Muhammad Riaz, Muhammad Yusuf, Naseem Bibi, Muhammad Amjad, Sakeena Bibi, Malik Waris, Muhammad Ilyas, Arshad Chattha and Muhammad Saleem told newsmen at Daska city that the officials of Gepco Subdivision No 2 had again issued inflated bills to almost all the consumers in the subdivision for October.

They said, “We visited the offices of Subdivision office at the outskirts of Daska City for the correction of these inflated, but the officials concerned refused to rectify these bills saying that Wednesday (today) will be the last day for payment. Just pay these bills then they will try to adjust the inflated bills in the coming months’ bills.”

The protesters also pointed out that the inflated bills which were got corrected by them in the last months, have again been included in this month’s payable amount. They said that the officials were now reluctant to correct these bills. They said that most of them have received their monthly electricity bills having extra units and they were unable to pay these inflated bills while the officials were reluctant to rectify these bills.

The protesters threatened to move the court as a protest against this “highhandedness”. They added that every bill includes more than 200 to 300 additional units. They demanded immediate rectification of their power bills, complaining that the meter readers did not take readings of the meters regularly and issued them with inflated bills after mentioning hundreds of unconsumed units.

They added that the practice had now become unbearable and warned to besiege Daska Grid Station if Gepco did not stop issuing inflated bills. Talking to newsmen, Gepco officials said that the bills were issued just because of computer errors. They said that a strict departmental probe had been ordered in this regard. However, they pledged to ensure adjustment of the payment in the next bills.