ISLAMABAD  - Pakistan has achieved a big breakthrough in private sector against prevailing energy crisis by successfully installing fully indigenous 100KW On-Grid Micro Solar Power Plant in Haripur, KPK.

Giving details of the locally made solar power plant, the CEO of TESLA Technologies Pakistan Aamir Hussain, a nuclear physics scholar, informed that the power plant had been installed successfully in Haripur, terming it a big breakthrough.

He said the plant was designed and installed by Pakistani engineers with all of the mono panels manufactured by TESLA in-house solar panels production facility. "This new facility will not only help reduce the load on the national grid but will also provide green renewable energy to the local production facility," he added saying that the plant achieved its designed capacity at noon, verifying the design parameters.

Aamir Hussain told that the payback time of the cost of this plant at the current power tariff is estimated at less than 3 years. This is the largest private solar power generation facility in Pakistan, other than TESLA's own facility. 

He mentioned that the plant consisted of four hundred - 250 panels and covered around 900 sq meters area of land. He further said that TESLA Solar is already producing its solar panels on clean green energy powered by the 125KW solar generation at its production facility.

Aamir Hussain said the sun poured 99.9 per cent more energy on earth than the whole world's requirements of electricity. "All developed nations have advanced in getting electricity from sun and they are making progress through this natural source of energy," he added. He said the local manufacturing of solar system would reduce the cost and prices of the systems.

"It will also help reduce the foreign exchange being spent on import of Solar panels from other countries," he mentioned. "Solar energy system can make all the deficiencies up putting our economy on the path of progress," he said, adding with one time investment, our industrial units can get rid of loadshedding and billing of electricity for ever, rather they can sell the surplus electricity to WAPDA by installing import, export electricity meters.