KARACHI - Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, patron-in-chief of Pakistan People’s Party, has taken strong notice of the incident in Pangrio where a body of Hindu Dalit, Bhooro Bheel was taken out from the grave and thrown outside a graveyard. He asked the Sindh government to take stern action against the all those involved.

In a press statement issued here, he said Sindh had always been a land of peace and Sufi teachings had been the identity of peaceful coexistence among followers of different religions.

“Islam and ideology of Pakistan are clear on protection of minorities and anybody violating it would not go scot-free.”

He said his party stands for equality to all the citizens of Pakistan and the forces who want to push entire country into era of darkness would have to face resistance from every party worker. He said extremism had no space in Sindh or any part of Pakistan. –Staff reporter

He called upon the Islamic scholars to play their role and save the illiterate people from being illogically provoked. He expressed sympathy with the bereaved Bheel family and assured them that they would not be left alone and justice will be provided to them.