LAHORE - Some of the information gathering agencies have identified ruling party’s weak vicinities in NA-122 and suggest extra-focus on the fragile areas, sources told The Nation yesterday.

The agencies fresh assessment reports concerning the voters trend in NA-122 identified Samanabad, Ichra, Rehmanpura, Baja Lines, parts of Dharampura and Upper Mall as the weak areas of the ruling party and needs extra-focus.

The provincial capital which is claimed by the ruling party as its citadel if hit by Imran Khan party could open the doors for Imran Khan’s party in other urban centres of Punjab.

The PTI possible win can put in danger the ruling party’s political future in the largest province which serves as their power engine.

The assessments suggest the ruling party should reach door-to-door to bring the voters to the polling stations on the first half of the vote day.

The ruling party should also focus on new voter which can play a decisive role in the make or break of either political force in October 11th by-elections.

It also said the PTI candidate for NA-122 if gets lead from Dharampura and Baja Lines it could possibly cover the remaining difference from Samanabad and Ichra.

According to the assessments, both parties candidates could possibly go in a neck-to-neck contest if the ruling party fails to focus its weak areas and new voters.

In another scenario, they predict a 50/50 fight between the candidates of the PTI and PML-N.

The assessments said that the by-election for NA-122 and PP-147 might not be a threat for the ruling party if Imran Khan himself had not focused the election drive.

The sources said the assessments were prepared with the help of field surveys of the NA-122 and PP-147.

Analysts said the political value of Lahore by-election would be symbolic, which cost either party contesting on October 11th.

Imran Khan’s party if wins the claim of the ruling party on Punjab could suffer a major blow.

The ruling party if succeeds in defeating PTI, Imran Khan would not be able to make new inroads in the province in the near future.