LAHORE - Imran Khan yesterday claimed that PML-N could win the by-election only through rigging.

He directed women and youth supporters to reach early at polling stations to vote and to keep an eye on the ruling party.

“The ruling party, foreseeing its defeat on October 11, will make all bids to steal the election. Women and youth who are hallmark of the party should reach polling stations early to cast votes and to keep an eye on rigging,” Khan said to a public meeting, of around 4000, at Qartaba Chowk.

He alleged: “Punjab police is the militant wing of the PML-N with which it is harassing his supporters. Political parties have militant wings which include MQM and PML-N.” In his 30-minute speech, PTI chairman focused on preparing his party supporters to translate the volunteerism of election campaign in votes, responded to federal information minister accusations of getting funds from Jewish lobby and asked the ruling family to make public their assets.

He said that the enthusiasm of the Lahorites clearly hints to the fall of PML-N on October 11. “I have seen the victory of PTI in the eyes of people of NA-122 during the campaign and now what is required is that they translate the spirit on the polling day,” he appealed.

Khan addressing the PML-N chief said, “Mian Sahib, one of your courtiers alleged me for taking funds from abroad, Jewish lobby and called me a traitor. “PTI is the only party, which collects funds from his countrymen and a proper audit is done which is on the party’s website. I am open to accountability to each of my party worker,” he said.

“The nation knows that I am the man who got international trophies and rendered spotless social services and challenged the status quo political forces. They know who are the real traitors,” said Khan. He challenged PML-N chief for an open debate on the accusations of what he called unwise and sycophant courtiers.

“I demand of the Prime Minister to unveil the details of his family assets worth 200 billion rupees in London. The son of the premier is living in 700 million rupees house in London. The ruling family should make public its real assets abroad,” Khan said.

He added that he earned money abroad but all his assets were in the country and he had no assets on any foreign land.

Khan said, “Mian Sahib you are a corrupt person and you and all your close aides are tax evaders. You earn in billions and pay few thousands for tax.” “I am a true democrat and Nawaz Sharif is Mugal-e-Azam,” PTI chairman claimed.

Khan was welcomed by cheering, flag-waving supporters when he arrived at the venue on 7:28 pm. Women and youth led the large number of crowd at the moot. Many Pashtuns of the locality were also seen. Many of the Khan supporters joined the moot with their families and some of them with infants. Supporters danced on the tune of party songs and many of them painted their faces with party flag.

Party activists at the entry point of the public meeting were distributing leaflets to educate their voters about the failed policies of the ruling party. Stalls had also been set up to sell party caps, badges and ribbons.