Every human being in this world has a desire to be married and some desire to stay single. But most of us want to be married. Marriage is a Commitment for the rest of your life to this one person. We’re committed to each other for the rest of our life.

Allah has created marriage. He created marriage as a gift for us. Allah has not created you and put you in this earth to live a frustrated, defeated, apathetic life. There is a relationship myth that relationships are easy. That is simply not true. The grass always looks greener in other people’s lives. Relationships require constant attention, nurturing, and work.

Couples sometimes mistakenly believe that “love” will help them deal with any issue that comes up in their life but thats not true. Love conquers a lot of things but you need to work on your relationships to build them stronger.

Relationships die by the amount of discussion. everyone values trust and honesty from their partner. If two people can’t find a way to express and communicate openly and honestly to one another, the relationship doesn’t stand much. Men with their wife, wife with their husband, even with our children. And we need to understand that this is critical for a healthy marriage.

The best way to make your life work is to be connected to your creator.

Every relationship has its ups and downs but successful couples know how to manage the bumps and keep their love life going. The best way to make your life work is to be connected to your creator.


Islamabad, September 5.