Makkah: Five more Pakistani nationals including three women who were martyred during stampede in Mina, on occasion of ‘Jamrat’ were identified and laid to rest today.

The newly identified martyred hujjaj included Shah Waliullah of Mohmand Agency, Salawat Khan of Takht Bhai, Nosheen Bukhari of Bannu, Kosar Rabia of Karachi and Qaisra Baig hailing from Sialkot.

As per reports of a US paper, 1453 hujjaj belonging to different countries of the world were dead in the incident. The martyred hujjaj included 93 of Pakistan, 465 of Iran, 148 of Egypt, 120 of Indonesia, 101 of India, 99 of Nijeria,70 of Mali, 63 of Bangladesh, 54 of Senegal, 51 of Benan, 42 of Camberon, 31 of Ethopia, 30 of Sudan and 27 of Muraqish, 25 of Aljazair, 12 of Ghana, 11 of Chad, eight of Kenya and three of Turkey.