LAHORE - The committee has started probing the death of two children in Bahawalpur district on Friday and recorded statements of officials and parents.

Sakina Aslam, 14 month, and Qasim Faiz, 11 months, lost their lives on Thursday after reporting diarrhea and vomiting. The committee shared that as per initial findings, it was a case of gastroenteritis spreading in the area, although further investigations are underway.

The parents had claimed the deaths were related to immunization activity in the area. The team led by Head of Pediatrics Department Nishter Medical College Prof Qasim Ali Khan Khachi included Additional Director EPI Dr Sohail Ahmed as its member. The other two members include experts from WHO and UNICEF. The committee is also looking into reports of treatment by quakes and the possibility of food contamination.

EDO Health Bahawapur reported after preliminary probe that out of 26 children developed conditions of diarrhea, fever and vomiting, 14 were not vaccinated. He also reported that in the nearby locality on the same day, 24 children were vaccinated but they had not reported any adverse effects, thus conditions may not be linked to immunization. The EDO further reported that an emergency medical camp was established there and five children were found to be severely dehydrated. As precautionary measures, all immunization in the area has been stopped.

The staff related to vaccination, food supply and other possible areas is being probed. The samples for lab tests are also being collected.

The committee will submit its report after thorough investigation in due course of time.