Lahore: Member Punjab Assembly Syed Zaeem Hussain Qadri has said that days of PTI are numbered. He said that the manifesto of Tehreek-e-Insaf is allegations, lie and clash. He said that PML-N will win on October 11, while PTI will be defeated.

Commenting upon the statement of Imran Khan, Syed Zaeem Qadri said that 11 October is the day of drop scene of the sit-in party. He said Imran Khan told lies a number of times.

He said that Imran Khan could not prove any allegation leveled by him at any proper forum. He said that those hatching conspiracy against the democracy will have to be held answerable. He said that people will reject those introducing the culture of abuse in politics. Zaeem Qadri said that those leveling allegations of corruption against others should also see the people around them.

He asked Imran Khan to stop telling lie. He further said that public service and progress and prosperity of the country is agenda of PML-N. He said that sit-in party will not be seen after October 11.

Zaeem Qadri said that PML-N will compete false ‘Junoon’ with the passion of truth. He said that Imran Khan has become disappointed before the match. He said that the match will be played at all costs.

He said that Imran Khan should create courage to see the fall in of wicket. He said that Imran Khan should stop undue criticism against national institutions. He said that Imran Khan has started raising hue and cry of rigging before the elections. Zaeem Qadri said that which empire Imran Khan is searching for. He sees rigging everywhere these days.