Lahore: With stakes high for the ruling PML-N and the opposition PTI, the hotly campaigned by-elections in NA-122, NA-144 and PP-147 are going to take place tomorrow, 10th October. Former Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq of PML-N is facing PTI’s Abdul Aleem Khan , who has been described by Imran Khan as Secret weapon.

Both the parties have spent massive resources during the election campaign and political observers believe that if someone challenged the expenses at the Election Commission, it would be difficult for the two candidates to prove that they remained within the prescribed limits.

Observers say that in view of the allegations and counter allegations and use of abusive language by leaders of both the parties, there is possibility of law and order problem during the polling, as the atmosphere is highly charged. While the PTI leaders charged PML-N of massive corruption, the ruling party countered with charges of agents of India and Jews.  They said that workers of PML-N and PTI are highly charged and a small incident could lead to a major confrontation.

The Observers say the result of NA-122 would be a clear political signal. If Sardar Ayaz Sadiq wins, it would cost PTI dearly which is talking of dislodging PML-N from Takht-e-Lahore and massive rigging, in 2013 elections. On the other hand if Aleem Khan wins, it would give credibility to Imran Khan’s claim of massive rigging by the PML-N. At the same time the credibility of the Election Commission will also be at stake, which has hired the services of Army and Rangers which will be deployed inside and outside the polling stations to ensure transparency and security.

The contest in NA-122 is a straight one between the PML-N and the PTI, while the country’s opposition party, PPP candidate Mian Aamir Hassan is seen nowhere and relegated to a position of “also ran.”

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has finalized all arrangements to ensure holding of by-elections in two National Assembly constituencies NA-122 Lahore and NA-144 Okara, and one Punjab Assembly constituency PP-147 Lahore with the handing over of election material to the Presiding officers.

A total of seventeen candidates are in the arena in NA-122 Lahore. Prominent among them are Sardar Ayaz Sadiq of PML-N, Abdul Aleem Khan of PTI and Barrister Mian Aamir Hassan of PPP.

In NA-144 Okara, five candidates are contesting. They include Ali Arif Chaudhry of PML-N and Muhammad Ashraf Khan Sohna of PTI. In PP-147 Lahore, the main candidates are Mohsin Latif of PML-N, Muhammad Shoaib Siddique of PTI and Iftikhar Shahid Advocate of PPP.