Islamabad - Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) yesterday announced its work from home policy for its female staff.

In order to provide convenience and a comfortable working environment for women we have introduced a new policy which allows our female staff to work from home using telecommunication, said Khurram Mehran, Director Commercial Affairs.

He said that in the first phase three officers have been selected, who will work from home.

“A batch of female officers with young children have been allowed one day "Work from Home" during a week. After the first phase more officers will be allowed to avail the offer,” he said.

He said that the PTA was one of the pioneer organisation which offered day care centre facilities to its female staff around six years ago.

Mehran said that to make the setup practical, all facilities requisites including online portal, email and other data resources have been configured for remote access and usage. He said gadgets and system have been provided to the staff to ensure communication between staff working from home and supervisors.

He said that after closely monitoring the performance of staff and how it could be improved, final policy will be drafted and rules will be established.

Mehran said that once finalised the policy will be applied across the board and all the female staff will be eligible to avail it. He said that this policy will not be applicable for male staffers but is under condition for future.

Officials believe that the new decision will not only empower employees and provide equal opportunities, but will also enhance productivity.

He said that work from home is not a new concept; it is widely adopted in world over especially in IT and Telecom sector.

One of the female employees during a session disclosed her problems that she comes from Chaklala and spends almost four hours in traveling, he said, clarifying that PTA is not any typical public sector organisation but modern autonomous body.

Mrs Zahid, one of the three officials, who is presently availing the one day work from home facility appreciated the decision.

“I have a year old baby, I get up three to four times at night to feed him and after he gets up, I prepare food for him, clean him and get him ready. One day work from home is a great relief for me,” said Mrs Zahid.

She said she would save at least four hours of traveling everyday.

She said that it is good to know that someone cares for you in organisation.