Relatives and neighbours clutched the twelve-year-old Junaid Akram’s body as tear gas shells were fired by Indian policemen at his funeral procession. His family just wanted to bury their young boy with the respect he deserved, but it could not be.

Indian inflicted atrocities in Kashmir continue in the midst of all the appeals made to the international community and the United Nations. Pakistan’s Permanent representative to the UN Dr Maleeha Lodhi has slammed the UN for its failure to give the Kashmiri people the right to self-determination, and it’s about time that someone acknowledges that the Indian occupation and brutality needs to end. India has been quick to blame Pakistan for fomenting unrest, bit the facts are that children are being riddled with pellets and there is no Pakistani in sight.

As the angry mourners shouted, “We want freedom” and “Go Indians, go back” during the procession of the innocent boy who was sprayed with pellets in the lawn outside his home, Srinagar came under curfew again after thousands clashed with government forces. More than 50 people have been injured during Friday’s protests, and the numbers are likely to increase if the Modi government quells this wave of unrest with force. A humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Kashmir as the Indian occupation forces are creating a shortage of food, medicines, water and other basic amenities by limiting their entry into the valley.

The United Nations Human Rights team has been denied access into Indian Held Kashmir and it is obvious that they want to maintain the complete lockdown on the freedom, movement and rights of Kashmiris out of direct attention of the rest of the world. An independent and transparent inquiry into the grave human rights violations of the innocent Kashmiri people is crucial to contain the conflict so that it does not become a regional war.