By Mahrukh Murtaza

Who doesn’t follow a trend? Let’s get trendy by following the newest trend of customization. Everyone is getting crazy to make their things exclusive of all by being the creator of their own stuff. Now you can modify your notebooks, diaries, laptop and phone covers, T. shirts, key chains, jewelry, and even pillow, cushion and quilt covers to your desire and sense of individualization. Everyone wants their things in their way and this trend Is helping people to get personalized and show their inner selves.

Technological advancements have made a difference in the trends and customization too. Now you can get your own photo, logo or art work being printed over a cell phone case or a pillow cover. Isn’t it great? You have a t. shirt with your face on it or a quote you like the most. You are carrying a notebook with a cover showing your, crazy or may be calm, inner world. Your stuff will be telling about your personal taste.

Let us tell you about some of the best stops for you to get personalized. You can certainly find many own your own just by surfing over internet or while checking your Facebook. But let us guide you for the best quality products. One of my favorite, that you can find over Facebook, is Iff’s Collection, they are providing you with the best customized Lockets, Key rings, earrings, book marks and diaries too. You will get awe-struck by the beauty and creativity of it. You can also check Custom Freaks; they are providing you a large range of customization for diaries, cushion covers, bags, mugs and t, shirts.

You can also get an App, both for android and iOS, Casetify. It gives you the best customized phone cases. You can get your quote, picture, some scenery or anything you would like to be printed over your mobile phone. All you have to do is provide them with your desired picture.

Don’t you think this trend is cool enough to follow and no one is going to object? It is said that customized objects make you feel the co-creator of your belongings.You feel an ownership because it has association with your thoughts and this makes you more emotionally attached to your objects.

According to surveys women have more appeal towards customization. Because they shop while men buy. It is a general believe that men are more concerned about their mission i.e. buy the thing and get out of the shop while women are more into the experience of the objects. So customized objects have a greater appeal for women.

But I would like to tell our readers that own at least one object that is customized according to your desire. You’ll have a different aura towards it. You’ll feel like creating your own thing and you will definitely keep it closer to your heart. Go for a diary or a notebook if you are into writing or a bookmark if you love to read. May be a t. shirt or a mug if you could not think of anything else. And girls you can go for some jewelry as in lockets, earing as well. Boys! Don’t get disappointed you can get some customized cufflinks too if you want too.

So grab this opportunity and have something that shows your inner world and rock the trend!!

Published in Young Nation magazine on September 3, 2016