Historically, Haiti has been the centre of many natural disasters, the most recent of them being the Haiti Earthquake in 2010, which left over 160,000 people dead. With 7.0 on the Richter scale, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere has seen more than its fair share of natural disasters. Hurricane Mathew has caused destruction of its own, believed to have killed roughly 900 individuals already. Cholera is the next threat facing the survivors; the outbreak of disease is to be expected after flood water mixed with sewage. With its 149th ranking out of a total 182 on the Human Development Index (HDI), Haiti will need international aid once more to help it step out of the mess it is enveloped in.

“A tree fell on the house and

flattened it. The entire house fell on us. I couldn’t get out. People came to lift the rubble, and then we saw my wife, who had died in the same spot.”

Jean-Pierre Jean-Donald, survivor of Hurricane Matthew.