Currently, in Pakistan, women are facing different forms of violence ranging from the abusive languages, public molestation, marital rape, sexual harassment in the street or in the field and domestic violence to genital mutilation, honour killing and forced marriage. Violence against women exists in our society and its dynamic manifestations are seen in every stratum of the society. When a girl alone goes to either any educational institutions or any other public places for accomplishing her domestic purposes, she has to put up with the unpleasant behaviour committed by men of every age. Moreover, the situation of violence against women exposes the moral deprivation of our society, which seems being deprived of the religious and cultural values and norms. The espousal of extraneous traditions, which are opposite to our religious and cultural values, norms and behaviours, has far worsened negative backlashes in our society. Therefore, in this hapless state of the societal behaviour perpetrated by some male segment of the society, how does a girl feel herself safe and secure to live in the alleged democratic state which calls itself to be free from any sort of danger to life and property?

However, the existence of gender based violence is present not only in Pakistan but also in other nations as well. About 44 states enacted laws which are against domestic violence. And, around 17 countries made marital rape a criminal offence. Similar laws have also been enacted in Pakistan to provide safety to women against all types of violence, which is ranging from domestic to public aggressions and to promote women empowerment and development as well, but they want the practical implementation of the state machinery. But, despite the existence of the laws against feminine violence there, the cases and incidences frequently occur in most of the areas in Pakistan.

Thus, the state must implement in true spirit all those laws that provide safety and protection against all sorts of violence as well as booster women empowerment in political, economic and social fields. Besides, it must activate its enforceable apparatus to apply the gender sensitive laws, also root out all those factors which find their way to hobble the stark implementation of the laws. So, the society would call itself a free state when it’s all people whether male or female gender living there will undergo and really feel safety from each other.


Daska, September 21.