I want to bring this to the attention of authorised department regarding the issue of high bills in electricity in small villages of Karachi. 

There are some villages in Karachi that are considered to be very poor by economy, and mostly the people of such villages work in factories as workers, just for 15 thousands per month salary. But the bills of electricity are beyond their means. 

I live in a village, Kohi, where people can’t afford to wear and eat well. Here neither do people have good houses nor do they use high machines which are considered to be the reason for extortion in bills. Yet people are still receiving bills of Rs. 40 and 50 thousand within a small period of time. Bills are made without checking the meters. Consequently, people become compelled to use “kunda” which is free of cost for all. 

The responsible departments must take actions and put their total attention in order to save people from being entangled in such issues. 


Karachi, October 1.