PESHAWAR - Chief Minister Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Pervez khattak on Monday alleged former premier nawaz Sharif for pitching national institutions against one another, thus harming democracy in the country.

The chief minister while addressing a gathering in Nowshera also criticised other political parties. He said that the ANP, JUI-F and PPP should not dream of winning elections in the province as, he said, they had deceived people on mere slogans. In the 2018 elections, the PTI would stage a comeback in KP, khattak claimed, adding that the PTI was implementing its manifesto in letter and spirit and that Imran Khan had waged a crusade for the rights of the people, he added.

During the gathering, a number of ANP activists announced joining the PTI. The CM welcomed the new comers to the party and said that this was continuation of the wave of joining PTI in every nook and corner of the province.

khattak also inaugurated different development projects including Sui gas supply schemes. He said that the mass scale joining of PTI by the ANP workers was a manifestation of the growing reality that the PTI was fulfilling the promises made with the people. The people are fully aware of the changing reality that PTI was actually a force of the youth, he said.

The youth, he said, was an asset of PTI, adding that PTI chief’s continuous efforts against corruption resulted in disqualification of Mian nawaz Sharif.

khattak said that he did not believe in empty slogans. He said that his government’s performance attracted people to the PTI in various areas of the province.

The chief minister said that normally, towards completion of a government’s tenure, people started switching their loyalties but in the case of PTI, its popularity further increased. The PTI has changed the course of history in the political arena of KP, he claimed.

khattak reminded the audience that his government dismantled the class-based education system that reduced the otherwise yawning gap between the rich and the poor. He talked about reforms in education and other public-sector institutions .

He said that the province had for the first time a uniform development strategy with focus on poor as per advice of Chairman PTI Imran Khan. The major chunk of resources is being spent on welfare of the poor, he claimed.

He said that 1.4 million families had been given Sehat Insaf cards and another one million families would have the same facility during the current year that would address health-related problems of the poor. He said that his government was providing urea and seeds on subsidised rates to farmers.

The chief minister assured that the services of government servants recruited recently would be regularised soon. He lamented that the previous rulers were exploitative in nature and they looted the resources.

He said that the previous rulers talked against corruption but did record corruption their selves and still wished to deceive the people again. Such elements should be taken to task, he advised.