Kandkkot - Sindh is the land of artisans whose magical hands create wonderful masterpieces, which have been popular all over the world for centuries.

Ajrak of Hala, Hina of Mehar, Sindhi Caps of Saeedabad, sweets of Ghotki, pickle of Shikarpur and historical Jandrri (carving on wood) of Kashmore are very famous across the country. Jandrri, in vogue in Kashmore for the last seven to 10 decades, is popular all over Pakistan as well as in India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

The professional Jandrri workers take pains to mould wood into a masterpiece by applying eye catchy colours on it, which attract the viewers at the very first glance. Such masterpieces are sold like hot cakes. Whenever any person looks at them, he cannot help buying them.

Small industries were set up in district Kashmore in 1972 to support the local artisans of Jandrri and to promote this art.

Hundreds of people are employed in these small industries, whereas several other artisans are doing Jandrri work privately at their own expense.

In addition to male artisans, there are hundreds of women associated with this business, which has become lucrative as the products of Jandrri are supplied throughout the country However, due to non-provision of modern facilities and lack of financial support, the local artisans are unable to get on with their profession.

Riaz Ahmed, a supervisor at Sindh Small Industry Kashmore, told The Nation that a special wood was used to manufacture things like wood of Tarri, Loyee, Neem, Sarahn, Babur, Pipul and others.