I want to get your attention about traffic chaos in Lahore. My people are facing problems due to road jams. Increasing traffic is also a big challenge for institutions that impart traffic rules and regulations. 

Traffic chaos increases due to construction of bridges, under-passes and also with the Orange Train project, etc,. The residents of such areas are mostly affected by this. Everyone is in a hurry so people choose not to follow rules and every driver drives in their own particular way and forget that they have to move left or right. Sometimes they park vehicles in the middle of the road and disturb the traffic flow. Another reason of public chaos is that people do not use public transport. There are many government bodies which have the responsibility for managing the traffic jams on road but they don’t bother to fulfil their duty. 

To control the traffic chaos knowledge of experts is required in various departments of transportation so that traffic chaos should be minimised. There should be multi-nuclei concept of town planning so that decentralisation of towns occur. People should also be provided with an alternative route where construction is going on. We should make public and traffic wardens aware of their responsibilities so that traffic chaos is reduced. Government should give more vehicles to public transport companies so that wastage of time is reduced due to traffic jams so that people prefer them. 


Lahore, October 1.