No one choices to get sick or be in a state where which requires us to medicines. However, certain times we have no choice but to consume the medicines given by our trusted doctors. As health is something which cannot be compromised, it is extremely crucial that the medicines they are using are authentic, FDA approved and are fulfilling their purpose to cure us rather than making us sicker. Just a month ago, there was a blood pressure medicine issue in the country where DRAP had raised flags to recall medicines of 12 pharmaceutical companies which obtained Valsartan - a molecule used in the manufacturing of hypertension medication, said to have been contaminated with an impurity called N-Nitrosodimethlamine (NDMA) which may cause cancer.

This recall had brought patients of high blood pressure face-to-face with an alarming situation. The normal consumers of medicines are usually unaware of such stuff. DRAP’s quick action regarding the issue was a good step, however, had there been strict compliance in the first place, all of this could have been avoided. It is in that regard that I urge all medicine consumers to purchase medicines which are listed under ‘Safe to Use’ brands in the notice issued by DRAP, because health is the one thing which simply cannot be compromised.


Karachi, September 27.