It is a matter of fact that the Directorate General of Public Relations has been like a second home for the media people for decades together which they used to visit freely and frequently. But it is regretfully mentioned that somehow it appears to be in great disarray and needs revamping by the new provincial government.

Journalists are generally heard about complaining that during the days of previous government headed by Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, they were getting number of handouts from the DGPR office daily attached duly with the texts of these handouts. But ever since the caretakers came and even now that the new provincial government is in power, they are receiving handouts without attachments. Loyalists of the previous government are still there and not doing enough to positively project the new provincial government achievements through proper attachments.

It is no secret at all that the Directorate usually avails services of journalists, columnists and media consultants for projecting and promoting the achievements of the Provincial Government quite positively in the print media and also on tv channels both directly and indirectly.

Journalists here and there are also heard saying Some journalists that the Directorate is no long fair in its financial dealings with them and the services being rendered by them are not being duly being acknowledged and paid for timely. The Directorate as such appears to be in great disarray, the sooner it is set in order and revamped the better it will be for the new provincial government.


Lahore, September 27.