According to different reports and findings it’s expected that an acute water shortage emerging by 2025 and in this regard several initiates being taken to counter this threat but there’s some serious water being wasted in the name of washing vehicles/motorcycles. These service stations can be found in entire country and not all of them but majority of stations utilizing underground water without paying a single penny to government and remain unchecked as well. In a country where most of its cities facing serious water problem for instance Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad & drought-hit area like Thar where people and cattle are dying cites lack of water, these stations using water excessively without being watched which can be utilized for daily usage of general public therefore It’s suggested that government should devise a mechanism to streamline the industry and impose few taxes or installing water meter to gauge usage which hopefully discourage water wastage.

Conserving water is a shared responsibility of government and public and using excessive water should be opposed as Islam declares wastage of even a single of drop water as sinful and punishable hereafter.


Karachi, September 27.