KHYBER - The Afghan government has refused to keep open the Torkham border with Pakistan round the clock. The Afghan officials have informed the Pakistani authorities that they could not keep the border opening functional round the clock citing lack of facilities on their part. According to the fresh schedule, the Afghan border security officials permit trailers from 9 am to 7 pm daily to cross the border. On Tuesday last, the officials of both sides had held a meeting in which the Pakistani officials apprised their counterparts of the slow pace of clearing process. The Afghan officials informed them that due to lack of staff, the clearing procedure was slow. They explained that the counting of presidential election votes was in progress in Afghanistan, therefore they have been directed by the high-ups not to clear trucks carrying retail commodities. They, however, cleared cement loaded trucks in their custom house in Torkham, Afghan officials added. The Pakistani custom official in Torkham said that as per 24/7 scheme, 300 extra vehicles loaded with merchandise goods were cleared daily in the Torkham custom centre.