The PM of India, Mr. Modi is intoxicated by political and economic power and has lost all self-control. He continues his unabated atrocities in occupied Kashmir. He does not care about the UN or International community. He seems oblivious to the facts of history and is lavishly spending on weapons.

This is slowly but surely bleeding India’s economy, which was hinted some time ago by past PM and well-known economist Dr. Manmohan Singh. Modi took unilateral decision to split Kashmir into three states, whereas back in time UN adopted a resolution asking for holding a plebiscite in Kashmir to decide its fate in line with wishes of people. No power lasts forever, and history is merciless in teaching a lesson to those who don’t listen.

The British ruled the Sub-Continent for over 200 years, but they eventually had to leave. The British Empire, on which sun did not set is now more of stooge of the US, towing their line in right and wrong. They still managed to survive much better because of their economic strength. However, time was not that sympathetic to the USSR, which was one of the TWO world powers not too long ago. It forgot that power lied in strong economy, not stockpiles of weapons.

USSR was eventually broken leaving the world at mercy of only superpower, the US. China on the contrary, has risen not because of the weapons they have but because of their economic prowess. Modi must realize that unpleasant history can happen to him, especially if he keeps bleeding India economically and killing people mercilessly. Best thing for Modi is to stop the atrocities in Kashmir, settle the issue as per the wishes of the people and let India and entire region prosper economically. Other wise, he might face a horrible end and be remembered as one who was responsible for disintegration of India.