It is an admitted fact, that Pakistan is the single most country in the comity of the nations as having powerful army with the passion of enthusiasm, determination and faithfulness with our mother land, our beloved country Pakistan. Our brave Army ,Air Force, and Navy have well thrilling power to knee-down ,and to devastate enemy’s plan at the spot. Numerous examples can be cited from the past to present era.

In 1965 war, how our soldiers and officers defeated Indian army? How MM Aalam targeted and destroyed Indian fighter jets in seconds. Attacks of militants and terrorist caused numerous public casualties of innocent peoples as result of terrorism war. As a responding power to defend the state ,Our forces including Army, Navy and Air Force fought with iron hands to curb out terrorism through out Zarb e Azb and Radd Al Fasad operations. At every time our brave forces are ready to meet any threats and hovering planning of enemy. Our brave forces are our proud.