Lahore - Chairman and CEO IPR Humayun Akhtar Khan shed light on regional peace at a seminar.According to a press release, Humayun said: “Precarious standard of South Asia has turned upside down. If began in 2014 with the election of an Indian government inspired by the ideology of religious nationalism. The movement has gathered stream this year with BJP’s re-election, among whose visible manifestation this time is Indian’s unilateral action in held Kashmir coupled with threats to the integrity of AJK. From years of an uneasy state of living, the menacing rhetoric from India has disturbed the balance in South Asia.” He added Pakistan must take responsibility for its own past actions too. “We chose a law cost, though hazardous path to national security and foreign policy and now find ourselves overcome by events.  The Prime Minister has been very clear. Pakistan has taken every step to get itself out of the baggage of the past. He has also talked about complete cleansing in the country.He said that there is the deeply troubling issue of severe human and fundamental rights violation in Indian held Kashmir. They resonate greatly with a large part of the country. “It is not clear that conclusion of talks would mean a period of relative peace for Afghanistan. The country has deep ethnic and political fissures.” Ex foreign secretary Riaz Muhammad Khan President Trump wants withdrawal his troops from Afghanistan, just for his victory in election. He added dialogue between Taliban and US just for Trump’s benefits. He added that Pakistan should not do any conflict at its western border.