KARACHI-The solar power is the way forward for Pakistan to safeguard its energy security and to lower the basket price of electricity for the consumers in the country. This was stated by CEO of Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) Dr Rana Abdul Jabbar Khan in his keynote address at the 1st Virtual Conference on Solarization of Pakistan organised by the Energy Update. The AEDB CEO said that Pakistan should massively take advantage of its presence in one of the best solar zones in the world. Senior energy consultant Faiz Bhutta said that the commercial banks in the country should be encouraged to launch loan facility for upcoming clean energy projects. Amin M Lakhani, Director of Clean Energy Project USAID (SEP), said that the government would ensure financial closure of upcoming renewable energy projects on urgent basis so that more clean electricity was available for the national grid.

Shaaf Mehboob, CEO Adaptive Technologies, M. Zakir Ali, CEO Inverex Solar Energy, Waseem Qureshi, CEO Infusion Group UAE, Waqas Idrees, Senior Energy Specialist USAID (SEP), Waqas Moosa, CEO Hadron Solar, Zafar Iqbal, Representative Pakistan Solar Association, Chairman IEEEP Irfan Ahmed, Anila Fatima, GM IT, Communication & Power FWO, Nida Hameed Khan, Senior Product Manager-Green Financing JS Bank, Energy Practitioner Gul Hasan Bhutto & others also addressed on the occasion.