ISLAMABAD-The Capital Development Authority board has allowed a parking plaza plot in the Mauve Area of Sector G-10 to cater to the parking needs of the proposed district judicial complex in future.

A meeting of the board was held at CDA headquarters on Friday which was headed by the Chairman CDA Amir Ali Ahmed.

It was informed by the planning wing that a plot on the western corner of the Mauve Area in Sector G-10 is already earmarked for parking plaza, however, there will be high demand for parking space near the proposed District Judicial Complex. The board was requested to allow swapping of parking plaza plot from one corner to near the judicial complex that was allowed by the CDA board.

The capital, spread over 906 kilometres, is divided into five zones with a population of more than two million. The district courts of the capital are in F-8 Markaz, and both the east and west courts are situated there.

Meanwhile, a matter regarding regularisation of those old housing societies which existed even before enactment of Islamabad Zoning Regulations was also placed before the board. However, the board has directed to take input of the revenue department and the registrar cooperative housing societies first in this regard.   

The board has also allowed to settle a dispute with the allottee of a Murree road plot over the delayed payment charges. The owner of said plot got the possession in 2011 but there was an electricity poll that was removed in 2017.

The Estate Wing of the CDA was of the view that the delayed payment charges should be calculated from 2011 but the owner wants the charges to be calculated from 2017 when he got clear possession. The board has allowed the estate wing to settle the dispute by recovering delayed charges from 2017 as there was negligence on CDA’s part in giving clear possession of the plot. Meanwhile, another summary regarding restoration of plot number 60 and 60A of the Murree road was deffered by the board.  

The board has also approved risk allowance for the employees, who performed duties in Covid-19 while the enhancement of stipend for training post graduate residents and house officers is also adopted as per the policy of the federal government.