Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is a global organisation working against money laundering and terrorist funding. As a result of cunning moves by India and a lack of governance of the PML-N government, Pakistan was placed in the grey-list of FATF and even now it is at the verge of being blacklisted if required actions are not taken.

If Pakistan is blacklisted, then our overseas fellow Pakistanis would not be able to send their money back to Pakistan and no foreign country would be able to carry out investments in Pakistan. Since PTI government has taken the office, both military and civilian leadership have worked day and night to chalk a way out but always faced resistance from the opposition in one way or other. Even when the FATF bill was presented in the National Assembly, 190 members voted against it and in the Senate, it was rejected once again. Such egocentric behaviour of some political parties is fully treacherous. We all have to be more responsible while addressing the issues of national security so that shrewd behaviour of our enemy can be exposed.