KARACHI  -  Pak Sarzameen Party’s Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Friday said the opposition was trying to overthrow the Federal government while the federation was trying to wipe out the opposition.

There is no such thing as government and opposition in the country. If the opposition is really committed to overthrow PTI-led federal government, it should resign from the assemblies, the government will fall with in an hour, but the PPP is enjoying the Sindh government and is also maintaining backdoor contacts with the ruling powers.

He said that accusing, defaming, blaming and maligning Pakistan’s institutions and their heads for the sake of the survival of their own politics was a huge conspiracy against Pakistan which would cause irreparable damage to the country.

“Imran Khan is behaving more like a king rather than a democratic ruler because his egoistic nature prevents him from talking to the opposition.” Kamal slammed Nawaz Sharif for attending the PPP hosted APC which was the government in Sindh province, through such APC Nawaz Sharif wanted to emerge as a pioneer of democracy and revolutionary leader.

The ruler who has the huge bulk of finance and administrative powers in the country is no other than the Chief Minister of Sindh. Nawaz Sharif should’ve slammed PPP as to how it had destroyed Sindh right from Karachi to Kashmore.

In Karachi alone, the capital of Sindh, 1.5 lac people have been bitten by stray dogs in a year. The green line bus project which was initiated by Nawaz Sharif government, is still without a single bus. Work on the K4 water project could not begin. When Nawaz Sharif was in the government, he himself had handed over the Sindh province to the Peoples Party as a political mutual understanding, thereby consciously allowing the PPP led provincial government to loot and destroy entire Sindh, and let PML-N government run in the federation the way it wanted to plundered the country.

Local government is the first step to democracy, but the PPP is not ready to hold local government elections.

He asked Mian Nawaz Sharif about his would-be reaction if a caretaker government refused to hold the National Assembly or Provincial Assembly elections. Under such circumstances, the political parties in APC would have gone to any extent as for them the constitution, democracy and Islam would’ve come in danger. They would’ve thrown the entire country into chaos and unrest only for their vested interests. Kamal said he had not heard a single word from any party in the APC regarding the local body elections. It seems like the entire so called accountability drive of the federation is only for the opposition. 

While former federal health minister Amir Kiyani had to resign on corruption charges, but Khan made him the secretary general of PTI. 

The previous mayors and deputy mayors of Karachi and Hyderabad were corrupt. If Prime Minister Imran Khan was really against corruption, he would have investigated the MQM mayors, but for Imran Khan’s government, the six MQM seats were more important than accountability.

“This is by no means the state of Madinah,”. The country cannot run like this, the situation in Pakistan has never been so bad, frustration is on the rise due to the attitude of the government and the opposition across the country. The nation has lost faith in the government and the opposition. People are utterly disappointed and hopeless. It is said that if you want to destroy a nation from within, then destroy its hope. It is written in the constitution that the government should talk to the opposition but Imran Khan is not ready to do so. The country’s administrative wheel is frozen. On the other hand, in Sindh, MQM and PPP are using Muhajir and Sindhi cards together. MQM is trying to hide its 4 years of corruption in the slogan of the new province while the fact is it can’t even separate a single street of Liaquatabad.

The PPP led provincial government staged a failed rally against the MQM’s failed rally. If the PPP was really sincere with the people of Karachi, it would have given relief to the people of Karachi instead of holding a rally in response to the MQM’s rally.

The PPP benefits the most from the MQM’s slogan of new province. PPP calls on the Sindhis to forget hunger, drinking contaminated water, dog bites, dying of AIDS, hepatitis, forget bread, clothes and shelter and vote for PPP as Muhajirs are trying to break Sindh. Both PPP and MQM exploits Sindhis and Muhajirs on ethnic grounds to cover up their corruption. Just as MQM doesn’t represents Muhajirs, so are Sindhis not associated with PPP . 

PSP chief expressed these views while addressing media persons outside the NAB court.

He added that the government and the political parties in the APC were least bit bothered about whether the people were getting food, clean water, health, education, employment and justice.

The country is running on auto. No one’s past is hidden. If everyone is really sincere and wants to reform according to their narratives then they will have to stop accusing, blaming, maligning and manipulating each other and come up with a new a social and political contract. The problems will not resolve merely by replacing one government to another.