ISLAMABAD -  This studio’s last film was released just before the COVID-19 lockdown began, and suffered at the box office considerably because of it. And now Pixar’s newest release, entitled Soul, will be skipping theaters entirely for a streaming debut on parent company Disney’s streaming platform, Disney+, just in time for Christmas. The animated fantasy film stars the voices of Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey, and it was originally slated to hit theaters in June. 

That, of course, did not happen, as most theaters worldwide were shuttered at the time, with many remaining so to this day as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Disney/Pixar is now scrapping the rescheduled date of November 20th, timed for a Thanksgiving release, to instead drop the movie directly onto the Disney+ streaming platform. 

Soul’s IMDb page now stipulates that its release will be via the internet on Christmas Day.