Currently, an issue that is increasingly alarming is “Shia Genocide”; propaganda to divide Muslims into parts and weaken them. From decades, even from centuries, Muslims are divided into two main groups; Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims. Both are the backbone for each other and could make a name for the Muslim world if they work collectively. Due to misunderstandings and history conflicts, there are more issues that are generated by a few of uneducated, half-minded and lower mentality people. If we fairly analyze the situation, Shia Muslims have always compromised and have tried to agree on a single point that is in favour of both and can be the source of lower conflicts and more love among the Muslims.

It is blasphemous to abuse any sect, it is blasphemous to abuse the scholars of different sects, it is blasphemous to say anything against any sect and their actions, it is blasphemous to show abusive signs and signals to the specific shrines and other sacred things and it is blasphemous to say and even chant loudly “Shia Kafir Shia Kafir”.

The propaganda against Shia Muslims was observed in Karachi when people from Sunni Muslim sects were showing abusive signs to the sacred shrines and Alam of Shia Muslims. They were chanting with high volume on the mic: “Kafir Kafir Shia Kafir.”

Isn’t this blasphemy? Isn’t this against Muslims? Isn’t this a Haram act done by so-called Muslim scholars? Shias are compromising in every point; even then they are called Kafir (non-Muslim) and their shrines and places are attacked.

In short, sectarian issues have escalated and led to violence, mostly in Sindh, due to uneducated and poor mentality scholars from other sects. Shias are always targeted by such blasphemous acts, abuses and violence. Higher authorities should take action on the leaders and organisers of the Karachi Sahaba rally that created issues and became a source for propaganda. This sectarian issue can ruin the prosperity of Pakistan. Shias are also Muslim. Muslims are brothers to each other and they should live in peace and harmony.