Rawalpindi-Deputy Prosecutor General of anti-terrorism court number 1 Rawalpindi on Friday has requested Additional Prosecutor General/Incharge ATCs, Punjab to challenge the verdict laid down by Special Judge Shaukat Kamal Dar discharging 4th Scheduler Farrukh Khokhar instead of remanding him in police custody with apex court.

According to details, the letter number 54 dated 9/10/2020 was written and dispatched by Tahir Kazim, the DPG, ATC No 1, Rawalpindi to APG/Incharge ATCs, Punjab, Lahore under subject “Request for filing of appeal/writ petition against order dated 7/10/2020 passed by learned Judge ATC No1 Rawalpindi in case FIR No 1600 dated 6/10/2020 u/s 11-EE ATA, PS Airport.” The Nation has a copy of the letter.

In the letter, it was submitted that the aforementioned case was registered on the complaint of SI Arshad Kaleem of PS Airport in which he stated that on 6/10/2020 at 1:50pm, the complainant of this case along with other police officials was present at Khokhar Road where he got information through source that 4th scheduler Farrukh Imtiaz Khokhar on 14/9/2020 attended a medical camp having large public gathering in front of his house and he shared his pictures on social media, hence he committed the offence u/s 11-EE ATA.

“That the police requested for his judicial remand but the learned trial court discharged the accused from the said case on ground that a medical camp does not come within the sphere of public gathering and the accused had not committed any offence,” the letter reads.

It was also mentioned by the DPG, “In my humble view, the order of learned trial court does not meet the factual facts as the accused managed and participated in the public gathering in the shape of medical camp fully covered by the ingredients of 11-EE (2) (d) (v) ATA 1997 which envisaged as the scene of any public meeting or procession of any assemblage of the public whether in an enclosed place or otherwise in connection with any public event, festival and other celebrations.”

He also told the APG that CPO Rawalpindi Muhammad Ahsan Younas also requested to file appeal/writ petition against the above order.

He also requested the APG to challenge the order of ATC No 1 with Lahore High Court.