Peshawar   -   A member provincial assembly (MPA), Nighat Orakzai, on Friday attempted self-immolation near the office of IGP as she accused the police of supporting what she called land grabbers being supported by KP Governor Shah Farman.

A video of the lawmaker went viral on social media, in which the lady MPA declared that KP governor and IGP would be responsible if any untoward incident happened to her.

Nighat Orakzai is affiliated with the Pakistan People’s Party and on Friday, she sprinkled petrol on herself outside the Central Police Officer in Peshawar. “Today, I attempted self-immolation but the police officers saved me. Next time, I will do it outside the Governor’s House,” she said in a video that also went viral on social media.

She alleged that the men of the governor had occupied her lands. “The [KP] governor is supporting land grabbers, ice and drug dealers and thugs,” she alleged.

Media persons were stopped at the main gate of the CPO and entry was refused to all the reporters who had gathered there to report the incident and talk to the officers about why the female MPA had to go for this extreme step.

It may be mentioned here that there is a post of grade-19, the director general public relations, at the CPO to speak to the media on behalf of the KP Police but no officer is posted there since a long time and it has been assigned to an IT related official as an additional charge.

This correspondent tried to get version of senior police officers but they did not respond.