Lahore Maj Gen (r) Muhammad Shafiq (Sitara-e-Jurrat) has said the 1965 War was fought to free Kashmir from Indian occupation. The Battle of Chawinda was the largest tank battle. Had we occupied Akhnoor, Kashmir would have been freed from Indian occupation, he said in an interview published in the latest edition of Family magazine. Maj Gen (r) Muhammad Shafiq said The intense battle was fought at Chawinda where the enemy repeatedly attacked till the ceasefire, but ran away each time when our troops retaliated against their attacks. Had Gen Akhtar Malik stayed, Akhnoor would have been occupied by the Pakistani troops, who bravely repulsed the Indian thrust, Maj Gen (r) Muhammad Shafiq said. Had Gen Moosa sent General Akhtar instead of General Yahya, we would have occupied Akhnoor, which was a supply route to Indian army in Kashmir at that time. Had we done it, India would have not dared to carry out such attacks, he added. Maj Gen (r) Muhammad Shafiq said, When Gen Yahya became the chief of army staff, he banned discussing this war as he was involved in this incident. General Ayub committed the mistake of posting Gen Yahya and awarding him Sitara-e-Jurrat to cover up his mistake.