ISLAMABAD/LAHORE - Terming the Muttahida Qaumi Movement Quaid Altaf Hussain a habitual liar, the Central Information Secretary, Awami National Party, Senator Zahid Khan has said that may God curse on all liars. Responding to the allegations, the MQM Quaid Altaf Hussain has levelled against the ANP leadership, Senator Zahid Khan said he doubted his mental health, adding that he was talking nonsense and all that he uttered against ANP leadership was baseless and a blatant lie. He said throughout his conversation he was confused and ambiguous and there was no rhythm in his conversation. He suggested that the MQM chief should have medical check-up. He further said that Altaf Hussain was unnerved after Scotland Yard found clues of Dr Imran Farooqs killers, which led to the MQM leadership, and now he had started uttering nonsense against the genuine political leadership in the country. He said the noose was being tightened against him and he was doing all this to get himself off the hook in Dr Imran Farooqs murder case. He further said that on the one hand Altaf Hussain implicated United Kingdom and United States in a conspiracy to break the country, while on the other hand he was holding the British nationality. He demanded of him to surrender his UK nationality and return to Pakistan to do politics. Senator Zahid Khan was also a bit critical on the national media, saying it gave too much time to MQM Quaid Altaf Hussain for talking nonsense and wasting time of the nation. About the deviation of ANP from its real path, Zahid Khan vehemently denied the charge and said that each and every worker and leader of ANP was following in the footsteps of its founding leader Bacha Khan. They would continue to follow it by serving the people of Pakistan, he concluded. In his hours-long media conference, the Mutahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) Quaid Altaf Hussain didnt reply to a single allegation of Zulfiqar Mirza, said leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Awami National Party (ANP) and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). A spokesman of JI while rejecting the allegations of Altaf Hussain on Friday said that all the accusations of Altaf against the JI were 'pack of lies. The spokesman claimed that 'politics of bloodshed had started in Karachi with the arrival of MQM, while the port city of Sindh was truly City of lights before MQMs entrance into politics. Accusing MQM leadership and its activists for murdering scores of members of the Islami Jamiat Talaba in its torture cells, he said that cases of these killings were still alive. The spokesman said that Altaf could not mislead the people with baseless propaganda. He said that no Pakistani could believe MQM chiefs denial of his partys involvement in May 12 mayhem. He said that Altaf instead of answering the allegations of Zulfiqar Mirza and questions rose in the Supreme Court talked about useless things in his three and half hour long Press conference. 'The nervousness in the body language of MQM chief was evident throughout the Press conference, which obviously came due to the rightful questions of Zulfiqar Mirza on the character of the MQM. JI spokesman while saying that billion of rupees advertisements of the TV channels were stopped in the hours-long Press conference questioned how the MQM purchased such a hefty air-time or did it through its extortion methods. ANP senior leaders, Haji Adeel and Suhail Akhtar said that the entire world knew the shadowy character of MQM Quaid. They while rejecting the accusations of Altaf said Altaf didnt bother to reply to a single allegation of Zulfiqar Mirza in his entire Press conference. ANP leaders said that MQM including its chief became unnerved after the serious accusations of Zulfiqar Mirza and started a series of meaningless Press conferences. They claimed that MQM has lost ground in the entire Sindh except some areas of Karachi. They maintained that level of hate against the MQM was increasing even in Karachi due to the extremist character of the party. PPP leader Zulfiqar Mirza, who started serious war of words with MQM with his shocking revelations against MQM said in his reaction to Altafs Press conference that MQM chief didnt respond to a single question raised in his charge-sheet against the MQM activities in Karachi. He said that Urdu speaking community comprises upright people, however, Altaf tried to exploit their sentiments in the name of Muhajir in his hours-long media conference. Zulfiqar said that Altaf didnt bother to utter a single word on his letter to UK government in which he talked about disbanding the ISI and offering MQM services to London as an alternate information gathering network in the port city of Sindh and elsewhere in the country. He while accusing Altaf of leading a band of killers said that he and his partners didnt represent the Urdu speaking community.